Karin & Pietro

Karin and Pietro decided to tie the knot in the historic Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, which contains one of the most famous and sensual sculptures by Gianlorenzo Bernini: the Ecstasy of Santa Teresa.
Karin wears a beautiful white dress, sleeveless, with a short veil. Her bouquet is made of bright pink and white roses.
The beautiful baroque church is full of friends and relatives, all focused on the important moment of the celebration.
After the ceremony, Karin and Pietro go to the central Piazza Esedra to take some pictures next to the beautiful fountain in the centre of the square. The second spot chosen for the photo shoot is Trastevere, with the impressive Catel Sant’Angelo in the background. Roman light during spring sunsets gives magic to every image.
Villa Miani is the magnificent set for the wedding reception, with its incredible view, in front of the whole city of Rome.
Colorful roses decorate every corner of the room, including the dining tables.
The night arrives and Villa Miani hosts the wedding dances in one of its many rooms, where all the guests can have fun dancing with the bride and groom all night long.


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